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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 5, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. it's sunday, september 5th. >> this morning -- campaign kick off. the battle starts this weekend. as republicans try to seize the moment, while democrats desperately try to hold on to control. craig's list censored. the popular website for classified ads suddenly blocks access to the adult services section. did they cave to lawmakers? copycat crime? another woman has acid thrown in her face. causing massive, painful scarring. what caused this attack? the second such attack this week. here comes what judge? a popular "american idol" judge is out. did kara dioguardi jump ship or was she pushed? we have the inside line for you.
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and a lot of rumors that j. lo could be the new judge. >> really? i hadn't heard that. >> randy is the last judge standing. you have not heard that yet? >> no. >> that's the buzz. there could be a lot of changes in washington, too. labor day weekend is the unofficial end of summer and the official start of the campaign season. the are tight races all over the country. the balance of power in the house and senate are in play. the president and the economy are two crucial players in the contest. the tea party is a factor as well. >> this will be a big week. the president is hitting the campaign trail this week. also coming up, take a look at this. anti-war protesters throwing eggs and shoes at tony blair in dublin. where the former british prime minister was signing copies of his controversial new book.
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our christiane amanpour talks to him. it's an abc news exclusive and it's coming up. if you're planning a wedding, as i am, how to have a high-class affair at a low coast. and we'll throw in some etiquette tips as well. no cell phones. no e-vite invitations. >> three weeks away for you? >> three weeks. >> got everything ready? >> getting there. >> we'll dig deeper later on. we'll start with the campaign season. which is about to go into overdrive. with president obama hitting the trail this week, right now 15 million americans are out of work. so the sluggish economy is likely to be the dominant issue. our david kerley is on the story in washington this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the starting gates are open. the sprint is on to the finish line, which is the november election. president obama is on the road tomorrow, hoping the new
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economic plan can old back some of the republican wave. the venues -- >> hello, milwaukee. >> reporter: -- and the message are aimed at helping the economy but the democratic candidates as well. tomorrow, wisconsin. wednesday, ohio, to try and help the governor. all as the latest polls show voters favor republicans for congress by a margin of six percentage points. >> there are races here where democratic incumbents are down. 10, 11 points. people are simply angry. about the economy, not having jobs. they're angry about obama-care. >> reporter: that's playing into republican hands. >> i believe washington is crushing us in spending and debt. >> reporter: is this a vote for republicans or against democrats? >> if republicans win control of congress, it's because voters are voting against democrats. >> reporter: while conservative tea party kancandidates may hav
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co complicated republican efforts. with high profile democrats in tight races, harry reid and barbara boxer, republicans could make a run at the senate, too. mr. obama has been left with little choice but to blame his predecessor and plead for patience. >> if the economy was a car and they drove it in the ditch, they come and tap us on the shoulder and they say, we want the keys back. you can't have the keys back. you don't know how to drive. >> reporter: a message that doesn't appear to be working. >> that effort has failed. the president can continue to work to try to show voters. they need more time. that was what ronald reagan did in 1982. they've not been able to get traction with that argument. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, we may see how he tries to adjust that message. friday he holds a news conference. >> let's get into this now with pair of pros. joining us from washington. democratic strategist karen
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finney and republicans strategist, kevin madden. >> it's the republicans that are to blame under george w. bush and the republican congress. that's when the economy went sour. it doesn't seem to be working. why not? >> because it's hard to prove a negative. we're trying to say, we need more time. when you try to explain to people and remind them that president obama came into office after 11 months of job losses and we're now starting to see private sector job growth, that's a hard argument to be making when people haven't felt it in their own lives. soy think what you're seeing democrats do is they're trying to make that contrast. it says if you want to have a speaker boehner, here is what the republican agenda will be, versus here is what democrats have been able to do. give us more time, we're on the
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right path. >> kevin, your party is in a bit of an interesting position. obviously, so many people are suf suffering right how to. politically speaking, the bad economy is a gift for republicans, isn't it? >> well, it is. but i think it's largely because the public has judged the democrats and the president negatively. for all the arguments they try to make that this is george bush's fault and the republicans are blocking things, they have the democrats and president obama, they asked for the job and they got it. they haven't performed. you see right now an electorate that is ready to render judgment. on that lack of leadership on the economy. >> let me stick with you for a second, kevin. the tea party. in the effort to take back the house and the senate, the effort ongoing by the democrats and republicans, is the tea party a plus or a minus? >> i think it's a huge plus. right now you have to recognize
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the tea party as a leading indicator of voter anxiety and voter anger. we have seen deficits pile up. the amount of federal spending increase. we have seen the fact that washington has a big disconnect when it comes to growing the size of government. the tea party is the leading edge of the voter anger. it's a sign of a lot of republican enthusiasm. the tea party members have aligned themselves with base republican voters. as well as the independent voters to give us a chance of really going into the midterms. >> yet, on the flip side, some tea party candidates have gotten themselves in a bit of trouble with some of the positions they've taken. karen, what is your take on that? is the tea party a plus for the democrats? >> absolutely. you know, look. a number of the tea party candidates have taken some pretty out there, extreme positions. like doing away with social security. like saying that the civil rights act was an example of
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government overreach. i don't think we yet know the impact of the tea party on the republican party in the general elections. whether or not the candidates, when row put them up for scrutiny in a general election, then seem like the right choice, i don't think we know the answer to that question. when you look at nevada, sharon angle's negatives are strong. i don't see her pulling that one out. >> i think the democrats have rerided the tea party at their own risk. a lot of people are watching and saying, the tea party is against the growth of government, so am i. and it's really hurt them. i tell you what. sharon angle's negatives are not as high as harry reid's. >> but kevin, i think the independents don't like the extremism. when it gets right down to it,
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and they have a choice between someone far, far to the right and very extreme, versus staying with the one you know, i don't think that will measure up. >> let me cut it off for a second. we have 30 seconds left. predictions? kevin? do the republicans take the house, the senate, both, or nothing? >> i think we take the house and the senate. i'm pretty sure we'll take the house. if you look at the house. back to world war ii. the house has never flipped without bringing the senate with it. >> i love kevin's hubris. i say keep it up. keep bragging my friend. i think the democrats will maintain control of both houses. i think the republicans will slim the margin. it will be tougher than people think. >> that's not hubris. that's confidence. >> keep bragging. keep it up. >> we love the gentle sparring. thanks for being with us. karen finney and kevin madden. thank you for the humor and the hubris. back to you.
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>> just a peek of what is coming. overseas now to ireland. anti-war protesters threw eggs and shoes at tony blair at a bookstore. he was signing copies of his just released memoir, "a journey, my political life." while he's popular in ireland, the same cannot be said of his approval ratings in britain, which were quite low. "this week" host christiane amanpour sat down with tony blair. he's been three weeks, a month abroad. this book, he told friends, was his way of normalizing relations with his home country. do you think he accomplishes that? >> you know. there will be a lot of monday morning quarterbacking on this book. it's flying off the shelves. people are interested in what is in it. his legacy to the people of britain or many of them, will be the iraq war.
8:11 am
that was deeply unpopular. there were one or two protests planned for the book signings. interestingly, he did his first book tour, really, here in the united states. and we got here, at abc, the first interview. you know, the iraq war, he does not apologize for. he talks about regretting the deaths of the soldiers there. >> and yet, he said he can't understand the hostility aimed at him. turning toward religion, he said he cares more about and is more focused on religion than politics itself. he's fearful of militant islam rising. tell us about that. >> he feels, this is what he says, that he hadn't realized even after 9/11, what a generational struggle the fight against radical islam will be. let me just play what he said. >> this is actually more like the phenomenon of revolutionary communism. it's the religious equivalent of
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it. the roots are deep, the tentacles are long, the narrative about islam stretches far further than we think into even parts of mainstream opinion who abhor the extremism, but sort of buy some of the rhetoric that goes with it. >> what he's saying is that the west has to really confront whether it's going to push back on the issue of radical islam, just as they did in the 50 years of the cold war against revolutionary communism. he doesn't know yet, he said, whether people in the west are prepared for that. it means soft power and trying to end that struggle in that way which could take years and years. >> he also took office just upon princess diana's death. he talked to you about his relationship and forging with the royal family as well. >> he did. he was a young prime minister. he came into office. he met princess diana. he called princess diana a remarkable politician, even
8:13 am
though she wasn't a politician. she had a popular touch. she connected with people. that did, in fact, at one point pose a threat to the british monarchy. they were not used to the visceral connection to the people that diana had. >> he was the one known to soothe the relationship between the queen and people in england. thank you for joining us. be sure to watch all of the exclusive on "this week." and for the other head lines, ron claiborne. >> good morning. you really got kevin and karen going there. >> i know how to start a fight. the blowout preventer is now in the custody of the fbi. the 50-foot, 300-on the piece of equipment was brought to the surface. and is being take on the a nasa facility for analysis. looks like craig's last has removed the adult services section. it appears to be shut down.
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for more, abc's mike marusarz. >> reporter: if you long on to craig's list looking for adult services, this is what you'll find. censored. craig's list long claimed the spot was created only for legitimate adult businesses. it reportedly generated $36 million a year in revenue. critics considered it a lure. for lewd and lascivious behavior. a marketplace for prostitution. >> it's not a victimless crime. human trafficking results in tragedies for children and others. >> reporter: a charge bolstered by last year's arrest by the 24-year-old boston university stude student. he's accused of murdering a girl who advertised on the site. he was accused of robbing two other women. craig's list ceo promised more
8:15 am
vigilance. >> we're shocked and horrified anytime we hear about a crime being linked to our site in any way. it causes us to redouble our efforts to get the word out about being safe online. >> reporter: markhoff committed suicide in his cell awaiting trial in august. recently, 17 attorneys general filed suit, demanding the section of the website be shut down. it's unclear if the section is closed for good or if the word censored that replaced it is meant as a message to critics. for a site that advertises almost anything, answers appear in short supply. for "good morning america," mike marusarz, abc news. at least three russian solders were killed in a suicide bombing in russia. a car bomber attacked a military base. the republic is hit by near daily violence. and there will be no return fight for stephen slater. jetblue says slater is no longer an employee. he drew national attention after
8:16 am
he slid down the plane's emergency chute. beer in hand. following a confrontation with a passenger. finally, put your right foot in, put your right foot out. you know the tune. more than 7,000 people in iowa did that to set the record for the most people dancing the hokey pokey. they shattered the old record by almost 3,000 people. a cynical person could say they have too much time on their hands. but i wouldn't say that. >> you're not that cynical for sure. >> right. >> everybody needs a hobby, ron. >> sing it for us again? >> i'm not doing it. >> you, marysol, not cynical. in the slightest. >> no, who doesn't love the hokey pokey? come on? >> do you mean that? >> not at all. let's look at the video of what was hurricane earl. believe it or not, two people died as a result of this hurricane. one in new jersey, one off the coast of canada.
8:17 am
it was due to rough seas. that was the big story as you look at the video coming out of block island. the good news is that earl is pretty much out of here. we still have active tropics. we're still in the peak of the hurricane season. two systems. a tropical low in the middle of the atlantic. it may reform into something. we're keeping an eye on it. closer to home, the one we're keeping an eye on. it's close to land. it's a low. it, as we track it, it sort of moves toward texas, the mexico border. all along texas, rough seas and heavy rains throughout the week. the great story? beautiful across the land. take advantage of it. 99 in denver. you could set a record.
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>> thanks >> thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook later in the show. bianna, a little "american idol." >> dan is paying attention now. here's the big story of the morning. the biggest drama comes at the end of the season usually. this season, there's plenty of it before the audition begins. the show that launched some careers is getting an extreme makeover as another judge leaves. jeremy hubbard has the latest. >> reporter: with season ten auditions already under way, it's down in the wire. can "american idol" find the right judges to stop a ratings slide? >> this is wakeup call. they can not lose another 5 million next season. it's a perfect time for the judge panel to be shaken up. >> reporter: kara dioguardi's
8:19 am
departure has been rumored for weeks. the search for new judges has been dragging on forever, with everyone from justin timberlake to elton john being rumored. as recently as last sunday night, the executive producer was holding out hope. >> i heard you wanted elton john, any truth to that? >> i would love elton john. i'll keep my fingered crossed is all i can say. >> reporter: the latest front runners? j. lo. she was in the mix but was dismissed for too many demands. steven tyler is in the mix as well. he play coy a couple of weeks ago. >> are you going to do it? >> i don't know. is that the rumor you heard? >> everybody is saying it. >> they haven't called me yet. they got to lay out some bread for me. >> reporter: it's been a dizzying game of musical chairs.
8:20 am
kara joined, paula left, ellen arrived, now simon, ellen, and kara are gone. the last man standing? randy jackson. >> i'm going to honestly, honestly miss you. it's been a blast. thank you. >> reporter: the big question, can "idol" ever again find the right mix? especially after losing their sharp-tongued standout. simon cowell is launching his own show on fox. >> without simon it's like "the ellen show" without ellen. it's weird. it will limp along. hopefully, it will find new chemistry that will make it relevant for the next generation. >> reporter: whatever they decide, they better do it soon. callbacks start in a couple of weeks. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> and if they want steven tyler, they have to lay out the bread. >> and j. lo. elton john. steven perry. a lot of star power there. >> like weekend "gma." another horrific acid attack leaves a woman severely burned. was it a copycat crime? we'll talk to an expert.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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♪ check this out. you're looking at a beautiful and largely undiscovered part of the american west. smaller than the grand canyon. less visited than the bryce c canyon. just as jaw dropping. it's called cedar break in an out of the way corner of utah. we're going take you there later on. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, september 5th. fall wedding season is upon us. something i know all too well. my wedding is three weeks away. we have tips for brides on how to plan. we'll have etiquette tips as well. >> no cell phones. >> no cell phones. first, though, we're going begin with a very serious and genuinely shocking story out of mesa, arizona. a woman there had acid thrown in her face outside of her home.
8:31 am
this is the second acid attack in a week. linsey davis has the story. we want to warn you first. some of the images are hard to watch. >> reporter: recovering from second-degree burns. 41-year-old dari valardi told arizona's kpnx tv she had just arrived home on thursday when a stranger tossed acid in her face. >> i saw a woman walking up with what looked like a glass of water many her hand. immediately, i was on fire, started to burn. >> reporter: police say this was not a random act. was this a copycat crime? just this past week, a woman in washington state had acid thrown in her face. this is bethany before the attack. this is after. >> once it hit me, i could hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> reporter: bandaged after surgery, she described how a
8:32 am
woman came up to her with a cup, saying, hey, pretty girl, and then tossed acid in her face. >> it was look it almost didn't hurt right away because of the panic. once i let it sink in, it started burning through my fresh. >> reporter: luckily, though she rarely wears sun glasses, she has just bought a pair and was wearing them. her eyesight was spared. >> did you wake up and say, i'm going to carry acid in a cup and three it on the first person i see? >> reporter: such attacks are rare, but do happen. in the 008, model katie piper was walking down the street in london. >> this is when i lost my beautiful face. >> reporter: after a violent breakup, her ex-boyfriend hired someone to put acid on her face. she was not wearing glasses. >> i just thought i was dead. i couldn't see. i had lost the sight in both eyes. >> reporter: the two attackers from this week remain at large.
8:33 am
for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> an incredibly violent act. let's go to washington, d.c., and our abc news consultant, a former fbi special agent and profiler, brad garrett. good morning, brad. >> good morning, dan. >> isn't it unusual? the perpetrators are allegedly women. isn't that unusual? >> it is somewhat unusual. statistics say about 80% of acid attacks are male. but the motivation will be quite similar. >> as a profiler, what would motivate someone to do something like this? such a cruel act. you're not going to kill someone, you're going leave them in pain and disfigurement for the rest of their lives. >> i think that goes to the point, rage, power and anger are the motivators.
8:34 am
the perpetrator wants to not only exact revenge, but they want the person to suffer for the rest of their lives. i mean it's -- it goes to -- these crimes are actually evil. >> correct me if i'm wrong. my understanding is the majority of these acid attacks take place in religious, orthodox countries, especially in the middle east. and they're often honor crime. you're punishing a woman that has brought dishonor on the family? >> yes. but the motivations are similar. it's about something a person has done that someone else does not like. many of the crimes are driven by sex, where a guy feels he got dissed. or refusal of marriage. and so it's all about revenge of -- i want something. i don't want anybody else to have it. i'm going to ensure you don't have it as you go through life. >> to state the obvious,
8:35 am
it's incredibly and unfortunate and upsetting that we're seeing it happening in the united states. two in one week. do you reckon this possible that the second one was a copycat crime? >> i think it's a possibility. it's happened before, not necessarily with acid. if you look at violent crime, high-profile homicides, there will be copycats afterward. people use it as justification to commit a crime they've been thinking about. >> i would imagine that makes them easier to crack, to solve, to arrest someone. >> much like domestic abuse or domestic homicide, there's usually a link between the victim and perpetrator. and usually in short order the police have figured out who did it. >> brad, thanks for coming on. appreciate your input. see you later. and now, the rest of the day's headlines, once again with ron claiborne. >> good morning, again.
8:36 am
in the new, seven people have been killed in a suicide car bombing in baghdad. at least 21 people were injured on the attack on the former defense ministry building. new zealand is cleaning up after an earthquake. in the city of christchurch, a 7.1 magnitude. power is back on to 90% of the people in christchurch. a woman is ordered to be lashed after her picture showed up in the "times" of london. not wearing a head scarf. it appears there may have been a mixup in who the person was. and a new world record for simultaneous lassoing. they twirled the ropes for almost three minutes. lots of world records being reported here on "gma" weekend. a quick look at the head lines. over to marysol with the weather. only we know how to break news on the weekend show.
8:37 am
it's the unofficial end of summer. folks in the northeast and midwest should revel in today's weather. it's going to be absolutely delightful. 73 and sunny in minneapolis. portland, boston, new york, into the 70s. what was hurricane earl is out of here. in its wake, beautiful skies. so take advantage of it. in the south, two trouble spots. we're keeping an eye on. portions of southern texas and south florida getting thunderstorms this afternoon. other than that, well into the 80s in the south. the west coast, dry, but beautiful. gusty winds, palm springs, 107. san diego, 73. >> thanks so much. >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by macy's. bianna and dan? >> from lassoing to the hokey pokey, we have all the stories.
8:38 am
>> the biggest stories on the planet. another big story coming up. >> this one is huge. >> tips for the budget-conscious bride. how to cut costs without looking cheap. >> bianna's wedding three weeks away. important stuff. plus, we'll take you to the cedar breaks national monument in the "weekend window." for constipation relief... nothing works etter than miralax. it's he one.
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♪ the best is yet to come and, babe, won't it be fine ♪ as i count down to my wedding later this month, i can tell you, as every bride to be, planning a wedding is not cheap or easy. there are ways to cut costs and still make it look elegant. to show us how, shawn rabideau is here with us again. good morning, shawn. >> good morning. >> every bride wants the best of everything. invitations? do they have to be expensive? do e-vites work is this. >> no.
8:42 am
you should not send e-vites. you should think about your invitations. do your research. go to the stationary store. >> what is a must to have on the invitation? >> the date, the time, the location. things such as direction, hotel accommodations. if you can't do all of those ancillary cards that get stuffed behind, go ahead and put those on your wedding website. it's a great place to put all that other information. it doesn't cost a lot of money. >> people are creating wedding websites. >> they are. it's a great place for the details. >> here's an issue i -- a personal one for me. a decision that i made. unless children were in the wedding party, then people could not bring children. you don't want to offend one family member and another guest can. what is the ultimate rule for children? >> the ultimate rule for children, you do not have to feel obligated to invite children. i think what you did is a great solution.
8:43 am
think of really close relatives, nieces and nephews. beyond that, don't invite children. parents, look at it as date night. an opportunity to have fun and not worry about the kids. >> a date night, especially for the bride and groom. talking about invitations who you want to invite, whether they can bring a plus one. that's on the invitation. what if somebody comes to you after the fact asking to bring someone? what is a polite way of saying you already have a head count and you can't go over it? >> just what you said. a polite way is, you're on a budget. you can't go over the count. currently, until all the rsvps are in, you must decline that plus one. if it changes, go ahead and do it. a good rule for guests being invited, if it says mr. john smith, you're invited by yourself. >> i yourself. and i can't help but notice the beautiful flowers here. how important are flowers? you brought these in.
8:44 am
>> i did. >> they can be costly as well. >> they can be. think about in seasonal blooms and large blooms. hydrangea. flowers that take up a lot of space. if you use them, you don't have to use as many. flowers are an integral part. it does set the tone. they're beautiful. you don't have to go crazy. you don't have to break the bank. >> most people like to see a beautiful bouquet. how important is to have enough food and stay within the budget? and are there creative opgs to do so? >> there are. one of the things a lot of clients are starting to do is extended cocktail parties. you can offer a lot of food, a variety of food. six hors d'oeuvres, two others. small plates that get passed. and you can do stations. it's a great opportunity for guests to get up and mingle. they get a lot of food. there's lots of choices. they're not just sitting and eating a meal. >> and with the food comes the alcohol. a must for many guests. open bars can be expensive.
8:45 am
what are the options? >> they can be. i think the thing to think about is offering, let's say, one specialty drink that might be a vodka-based drink, or a station that has several vodka-based drinks. and then do beer and wine. you're doing the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. >> another issue. what do you do about party favors? how much money should you put aside? should you go into the budgets? >> i like to look at it that you just presented your guests with a wonderful evening, great food, great dancing, beverages. that's your gift back to them. to have the intimate wedding. if you're tight on a budget, skip the favors altogether. don't worry about it. i tend to think sometimes they just get tossed or eaten too quickly and not really enjoyed so just go ahead and skip that. >> guests usually talk more about the food -- >> and the fun they had.
8:46 am
>> great tips. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. we'll be right back. nighttime nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right. i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower... or took a pill. then i tried drug-free breathe right. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. i felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better.
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in a remote area not far from two of utah's most popular and largest national sparks a a smaller, often overlooked magical wonder. it's a magical spot called cedar breaks. it's where our "weekend window" opens in high-definition. >> cedar breaks is in south western utah. it's kind of the hidden gem
8:50 am
between zion and bryce canyon national parks. the area has been used by people for over 9,000 years. to come across a place like this, where you travel through the forests and come across the cliff edge. >> a lot of people think we're a smaller version of bryce canyon. and that's because our amphitheater looks the same. but it's twice as deep and twiz as steep. in so, it reveals the colors a lot better. if you're into color, this is the place to be. the oranges and yellows and red you see are a byproduct of iron oxide. white is pure limestone. purple is manganese oxide. hoodoo is the name of the rock formations out here. hoodoo is something that charms, enchants, casts a spell. you see the way the light
8:51 am
reflects off the rocks, they do just that. they charm you. they enchant you. and you have a spell cast upon you. >> here in the park, we have ripple cone pines that date back to over 1600 years here. the oldest is 1,671 years old this year. they're amazing trees. they have to be hearty, durable plants. cedar breaks is a very special place. i think because there is something here for everyone. if it's the spectacular views that you get of the amphitheater, the cool mountain air or experiencing our forests and meadows, or just observing the wildlife. it's definitely a unique place here. >> usually, most visitors don't say anything when they get here. i like to say it's the number one cause of speechlessness in southwestern utah. my name is...peggy. what is problem, please?
8:52 am
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well, tomorr well, tomorrow on "good morning america," an emotional reunion, a nurse learns that her patient is her long lost father.
8:56 am
>> fascinating. and almost the last week end of summer. >> it is. >> get after it at home. >> thanks for depressing us. >> i love fall. >> thanks for letting us torture you today and yesterday. >> come back. this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak.
8:57 am
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